Janus Management System (JMS)


JMS Janus Management System is Web based Parking Management System. This highly professional software solution allows you to manage multiple parking locations and different types of HUB equipment with the same easy and extremely intuitive user interface.

JMS offers a very intuitive and user-friendly interface with virtually zero learning curve. Its cutting-edge architecture makes it highly configurable and adaptable, to meet specific business requirements. JMS provides flexible reports, wide process control and real-time business performance visibility.

JMS Features:

  • Easy to use wherever you are. Use the JMS Mobile App solution to control your business at any time and any place.
  • Streamline your operations. JMS simplifies your system management and business processes.
  • Cost-effective. JMS boosts operational performance and improves process efficiencies, optimizing your resources.
  • Adaptable. Multi-user, multi-carpark and multi-equipment, for easy and effective management.
  • Powerful analyses tool. JMS provides flexible reports, wide process control and real-time business performance visibility.
  • Quick. JMS provides rapid access to data and information to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Error-proof. Designed with a fault resistant architecture.
  • Robust. JMS allows strong user access controls and quick and easy setup of permissions levels.
  • Cloud ready. JMS drives down IT costs and lowers your risk when you implement our Cloud option. We manage server backup, maintenance, and regular updates to offer you a stress free reliable service.

Web-Based application

For the first time, you’ll be able to easily manage and control all your HUB equipment and HUB Parking Systems with one simple and versatile software solution. With JMS, you can centrally manage all your business processes from any web-based console.

Mobile App

Choose the JMS Mobile App for the best possible user experience with smartphones and tablets.

Web Services Integration

JMS easily and seamlessly integrates some key functionalities with your data: online discounts, web booking, mobile payment and more.

Cloud Ready

Take advantage of our cloud ready solution, simplify your business and infrastructure and reduce your costs!