C850 Gearmotor 230V


The FAAC C850  gearmotor was designed for sliding gates weighing up to 1800Kg, with speed (adjustable) up to 0.7 m/s, recommended maximum length of 20 m. Ideal for special applications where fast operation is required and a continuous service (100%) such as, for example, prisons, embassies, sensitive places.

  • Irreversibility guaranteed by integrated electric brake on the powerful geared motor 1.1KW
  • Programming of the speed with integrated frequency inverter
  • Electronic built-protected in a metal container and transparent plastic cover
  • Micro deceleration start and limit switches integrated into the motor and adjustable (does not require feedback on the gate)
  • Cover in steel with protective zinc primer and polyester powder coating
  • Release device manually operated from the outside operator with coded key

The package includes: A gearmotor designed for application with rack and pinion Z28, with electronic equipment E850, inverters and limit switches.

Power supply voltage 230 Vac (+6% -10%) 50 Hz
Absorbed power 1800 W
Type of motor 1.1 KW with oil lubrication
Pull and push 180 daN (Z28 module 4)
Drive torque 110 Nm
Max. recommended lenght of the gate (m) 20
Gate speed 20 ÷ 42 m/min
Max. inverter 1.5 KW
Adjust speed and engine control by inverter
Limit switch 4 built-in mechanical
Protection class IP 54
Operating ambient temperature -20°C ÷ +55°C
Motor weight 49 kg
Dimensions (L x D x H) in mm 510 x 295 x 467
R.o.T. CD continuous service