TISO SpeedBump is a unique yet simple solution for vehicle access control establishment and adjustment. Its biggest advantage relates to installation type options, including both surface installation and shallow mounting and frequent use in high intensity mode.

Dealing with surface installation, in raised position TiSO serves like a regular road blocker. When closed, performs the function of a speed hump. Built-in hydraulic unit advances this type of equipment for projects which require large distances (up to 100m) between blocking part and control unit. Wide arrangement of options enables it to be and widely applicable and versatile security solution.


**Product specifications and complete sets may differ from that shown on the photo.

Installation type On the roadbed (surface mounted)* | Submerged
Drive Hydraulic
Blocking length 1000/2000/3000/4000 mm (L)
Rising height 350 mm
Installation depth (Submerged) 200 mm (h)
Axle load 15 t
Rising speed 5-7 Sec
Lowering speed 5-7 Sec
Equipment protection class IP 55
Control box protection class IP 67
Speedbump finishing Structural steel: (galvanized or powder coated)
Operating temperature 40 °C +60 °C

* Surface installation requires ramps to be in set