Road Blockers

Road Blocker is an electro hydraulically operated rising step obstruction which rises above the ground level on giving a valid input signal and thus prevents unauthorized intrusions at entry/exit points of high security premises e.g. embassies, Air Force Static, Atomic Power Station ,Data Centers etc. When in lowered position the vehicles can pass through, thereby providing a good enhanced security blockage system. The housing and the blocking element of the Road Blocker are designed in full core steel profile construction, ensuring maximum safety against corrosion. The impact face of these road barrier is reinforced with steel ribs and impact plates to transfer mechanical forces to reinforced concrete foundation.


Road Blockers can be used as anti-terror protection measures are designed as modules with different widths. Thereby, customer has an option to get different combinations of modules which will fit project purposes

The major feature of our products is very small thickness (from 10 to 27 cm). Due to this feature, all our blockers can be mounted right on the road surface. The construction of all the devices is unified, and in case of such mounting.

By this kind of mounting, all our devices perform two functions at once:
1. While “closed”, act as “sleeping policeman” (the device for forced speed lowing).
2. While “open”, entirely block the driveway. Transmission of all this equipment is hydraulic. Like bollards, one hydrostation can control several devices. It should be noted that in case of blocking devices, which corresponding to certain anti-ram classes, there is a need in the arrangement of «foundation» - reinforcement cages, onto which the device will be installed. Thus, underground concreted part becomes integral with the actuator and due to significantly increased area and weight provides proper protection class.

Nevertheless, this road blocking system still requires excavation works to be performed, but with full than devices requiring immersion of the executive part to a big depth. At the same time, it is important to remember that works to arrange reinforcement cages doesn’t requires special qualification and made of local materials (excluding the additional costs of transport) according to provided schemes, drawings, instructions and recommendations.


**Product specifications and complete sets may differ from that shown on the photo.

Drive Hydraulic
Rising height 600/800/100
Installation depth 250/350 mm (h)
Maximum load per axis 20 t
Width of blocked driveway 1000/2000/3000/4000 mm (L)
Rising speed 3-4 Sec
Lowering speed 2-3 Sec
Equipment protection class IP 67
Control box protection class IP 54
Road blocker finishing Structural steel: (galvanized or powder coated)
Operating temperature 40 °C +60 °C