Cyclope M40


Neptune-Tiso Anti-ram Cyclope designated for providing pedestrian friendly vehicle access control to protected perimeter. Being developed according to M40 (K8) anti-ram class, this modification ensures anti terrorist defense of site.

Our road blocker requires shallow mounting installation depth. This motorized platform has hydraulic drive and has been engineered to keep high intensity operation mode. Wide range of optional configurations enables it to be widely applicable security solution for variety of projects.


  • Shallow mounting installation type
  • Reliability and durability
  • Low operating & maintenance cost
  • Service simplicity
  • High intensity operation mode


Installation type Shallow mounted
Drive Hydraulic (external/internal)
Blocking length 500 mm
Rising height 800 mm
Installation depth 500 mm
Rising speed ~4 sec
Lowering speed ~3 sec
Protection level IP 67 for Road blocker
IP 55 for control box
Weight 790 kg
Materials Structural steel (powder coated)
Impact resistance 1110 kJ
Operating temperature -10/50 °C
Load per adle 15 t
Power supply 3 phase 380 V , 50/60 Hz