RESIST-SA is an access control device able to store codes or/and cards. Manages door by controlling its status (open or closed). It may generates an alarm in case of not authorized opening.

Resist-SA works autonomously ("SA" means Stand Alone) with no external management board or programming PC. Codes/cards archives, can be copied by a removable memory (optional).

RESIST-SA (reader A, master) is able to be manage a second RESIST (reader B, slave). This configuration allows area management having one entry/exit gate with Anti-Pass- Back feature. Configuring and learning of codes or/and cards are managed by keypad or/and self learning mode with Cards Kit

Models Resist-T/P/TPS
Type of reader Proximity and keypad
Reading distance Max. 5 cm
TAG reading (125Khz) TAG Card / Keyring
Structure Pressure die-cast aluminium
Dimensions (mm) H100xL100xP42
Front panel Fibre glass with polycarbonate layer
Protection class IP 55
Buttons Mechanical buttons in stainless steel
Indication LED Two-colour, 3 mm
Buzzer Can be turned off
Power supply From the control board
Absorption Max. 160 mA
Operating ambient temperature -10°C to +55°C
Installation Wall-mounted or column-mounted
Electrical connections 5 x 0.5 mm cable, with screen (max. 100 m)