Flap Barrier SB-202


Neptune-Tiso Flap barrier SB-202 is the most compact and laconic flap barrier of flap Series. The Flap dimensions, housing materials as well as roundels make the flap look gentle and light.

The flap’s simplicity, speed and principle of operation along with the contemporary appearance make it a perfect solution for any sites.

Controlled by:

  • Access Control System
  • Manual Control
  • When power goes OFF both directions are free

Width, mm Single pass (500) - 1080 Two-pass (500+500) - 1870
Length 1000 mm
Height 992 mm
Passage width 500/900 mm
Crossing capacity, person/min 30
Opening/Closing, sec 0.8
Weight, kg (not more) Single pass - 202
Two-pass - 324
Mechanism Motorized
Maximum power consumption 155 Watt per pass
Standard housing Brushed AISI 304
Available housing Brushed SS AISI 316
Polished SS AISI 304
Polished SS AISI 316
Powder coated RAL