Swing Gate PG-2048


The primary purpose of the Servo-Type Swing Gate is single or dual direction control of pedestrian access for industrial enterprises, administrative establishments, banks, offices, shops, stations and other sites. Due to its unique shape and variety of models, it can suit any interior.

This modification is well applicable to all types of facilities and variety of interiors. Swing Gates have motorized drive. Considering availability of different dimensions, swing gate is a useful solution to provide access control for people with special needs/ disabled. This type of access control equipment can be controlled manually both by push button or interfaced with wide variety of ACS (access control systems). Mostly, these solutions are used together with other turnstiles in purposes of wide lane establishment, up to 1000 mm. Herewith, the design and operation principle enables to get free pass, which is not available dealing with other waist height turnstiles.

To be delivered additionally

  • Manual unlocking in case of unavailable power.
  • Reader posts.
  • Reader for access control system.
  • Remote radio controller.
  • Backup battery 12 V, 17 А·h.

Width 837-1087 mm
Diameter 204 mm
Height 1000 mm
Passage width 650/1100 mm
Weight, kg (not more) 45
Mechanism Motorized
Maximum power consumption 55 Watt per pass
Standard housing Brushed AISI 304
Available housing Brushed SS AISI 316
Polished SS AISI 304
Polished SS AISI 316
Powder coated RAL