ParQube LE


Entry Station With 2D Barcode Printed Ticket From Roll. Parqube LE is a flexible unit that fully controls lane entry by issuing a barcoded ticket to all transient users, by checking card, TAG, etc. to all permanent users.

ParQube LE Entry station's ticket technology is based on a very reliable barcode solution that allows reading of even the most worn tickets. With dual 2D barcodes printed on the ticket this allows it to read the information from partially damaged or even missing sections of code.

Standard Features:

  • Online with central unit
  • RS485 communication network as standard or TCP/IP by ETH converter
  • High resolution printer-200 DPI (8 dots/mm)
  • Up to 5000 users storage offline
  • Up to 15000 events storage offline
  • Free input for external reader
  • Passive proximity reader for cards 125 kHz ISO size
  • Active or passive long range reader (AVI managed by software)
  • Anti Passback card management online with central unit
  • Opening pulse operating against valid ticket or card check
  • Function setting by an on board jumper

ParQube LE Technical Data:

  • Outdoor Cabinet
  • Lockable access doors on two sides
  • Structure made of extruded aluminum
  • Two extruded aluminum doors painted RAL 7021
  • Front/rear aluminum made sheets painted RAL 9003
  • Intercom button & cover
  • Backlit push button for ticket request
  • 2D thermal printer unit with cutter
  • Ticket cut from thermal paper roll
  • Electronic control board for communication with central unit by RS485 network or TCP/IP
  • 270mm roll thermal paper for 9000(80gr) or 4500 (140gr) tickets
  • Heater & fan with built-in thermostat