ParQube APS


ParQube APS with modular design to allow maximum flexibility for all available configurations having a wide range of options to meet customer needs. Easy customization of the front panel to provide customer aesthetics.

FAAC ParQube APS has been designed for user simplicity. The large display screen and ergonomic layout guides users to allow effortless payment for parking as well as offering the flexibility to accept all of the most popular payment means available. The automatic pay station is linked to the management system by a TCP/ IP network.

ParQube APS Features:

  • Payment of parking fees by cash or electronic payment
  • Change in cash (coins and/or bills)
  • Credit receipts in case of lack of change
  • Lost ticket issuing (programmable)
  • Monthly card renewal/Preset value card reload
  • Reading and management of discount tickets
  • Receipt issuing (not fiscal) and reports statements
  • Online with central unit
  •  TCP/IP communication network
  • Display with animations
  • Two way ticket scanning

ParQube APS Technical Data:

  • 2.5 stainless steel robust casing painted RAL 7021
  • Burglar-resistant door, with security key and hinges painted RAL 9003
  • 4 Vandal proof user front pushbuttons (language, abort, lost ticket, free)
  • Guide user interface by means of 15” full colour screen
  • Intercom button & cover
  • LED illuminated navigation to guide users step by step through the payment process
  • Omni-directional laser scanner for tickets
  • 2D thermal printer unit with cutter
  • Ticket cut from thermal paper roll for receipts, lost tickets & report statements 180mm roll thermal paper for 3000 receipts (80gr)
  • Self-refilling coin processing system with shutter
  • Coin safe (open type)
  • Illuminated money return tray
  • Management unit PC with embedded windows OS for device control and communication with central unit
  • Heat & ventilation managed by thermostat


  • Width: 750mm
  • Height: 1400mm (H 1800mm with plinth 400mm, H 1600 mm with plinth 200mm)
  • Depth: 555mm
  • Weight: 200 kg (approx.)


  • supply: 230-115 VAC/50-60Hz
  • Min-Max absorbed power: 200-370 W


  • Ambient temperature: -20°C/+50°C
    Standards: CE, ISO9001