Power Shield Removable/Fixed Bollard [PS-50-K4]


Neptune POWER SHIELD security bollards are designed for Hostile Vehicle Mitigation and vehicles access control.High security hydraulically controlled retractable rising bollard preventing unauthorised wheeled access, whilst enabling free pedestrian movement. Bollards are the most common solution for perimeter security. Neptune offers a broad range of bollards which are widely used in places such as embassies, airports, military bases, nuclear power stations, industrial zones, hotels, office buildings and shopping centres.

A Single Power Shield bollard has successfully passed crash test and certified according to BSI PAS 68:2013: type 7500 [N2]/48/90 and IWA 14-1:2013: 7500 [N2]/48/90. It can withstand the impact of one 7500 KG (7.5T) truck travelling at 48km/h. Developed with extensive knowledge and experience within this field, bollards offer maximum security with installation simplicity, easy service, reliability, durability, and multi functionality. Our wide range of bollards with different functions, dimensions and specialities offer complete control concepts making us a strong, future-oriented partner for perimeter protection systems. Ensuring high standards of product and service quality is a key commitment for us and we strive to achieve this on an international level.

Installation Areas: 

Governmental Instruction 

Commercial Area

Sport Complexes

Military Bases

Financial institutions

Recreation Areas

Nuclear Power Plants

Airport Premises

Urban Areas

Production Sites (Industrial Plants)


Business (Office) Center

Education Institutions


Make Neptune
Model Power Shield [PS-50-K4] INOX (Removable/Fixed)
Cylinder height from ground 1000 MM
Cylinder diameter 275  MM
Cylinder Treatment Hot dip galvanized
Protective Cover Type AISI 304 stainless steel
Reflective Strip Height 55 MM
Standard Reflecting Strip Color Yellow
Head material type Aluminum
Head treatment type Powder Coated
Cylinder wall thickness 18 MM
Type of use Perimeter Security
Break in Resistance 673,000 J
Weight of underground base 100 KG
Traffic Bollard Weight 120 KG