Power Shield Automatic Bollard [K2-275-H800]


The automatic traffic bollard has been designed to control access to areas delimited by vehicle access. They are intended to prevent unauthorized access of vehicle to a secured perimeter and provide high level of anti-terrorist protection. It can be installed as a single unit or in a multiple unit configuration.
Transit is permitted only when the cylinder is completely lowered. Perimeter protection is only ensured when the cylinder is completely raised.

The bollard is a device commonly used to regulate road traffic or vehicle parking. The automatic traffic bollard were conceived with the purpose of maximizing safety in all areas that may be threatened by vehicles. It provide an innovative answer to protecting sensitive buildings, squares, marketareas and places with high traffic.

Installation Areas: 

Governmental Instruction 

Commercial Area

Sport Complexes

Military Bases

Financial institutions

Recreation Areas

Nuclear Power Plants

Airport Premises

Urban Areas

Production Sites (Industrial Plants)


Business (Office) Center

Education Institutions

Make Neptune
Model Power Shield [K2-275-H800]
Total Raising Height 800 MM
LED / Visual Indicators Available 
Drive Electro Hydraulic
Power Supply  415-440VAC 3PH
Type of Use Intensive
Impact Resistance 650 KJ (For Twin Bollard)
Weight of Bollard ~ 170 KG
Weight of Underground Base 68 KG
Bollard Material A 615 Grade 60
Cylinder Diameter 275 MM
Cylinder Material SS-304
Thickness of Cylinder 10 MM
Head Type Round
Head Material Type Aluminum
Application Type  Outdoor 
Concrete Class C-25
Excavation Dimension 1000x1000x1500 MM
Cylinder Finish  SS-304 Satin
Certification  CE