Access Automation:
High-Security Bollards

Highly Secure Perimeter Protection

Automatic retractable bollards are used alone or with combination of Boom Barrier to give highest level of security from forceful entry of unauthorized vehicle. A round cylinder of Stainless Steel or MS pop up from ground to restrict forceful entry. Bollards are available is various rating i.e Traffic , K4, & K12


Suitable to regulate vehicle traffic, an intelligent control and aesthetic appearance

J275 HA 600 - 800

J275HA Automatic retractable traffic bollard for high frequency use

J355 - M30

Physically tested K 4 Crash version. Tested according to ASTM F2656-07

J355 - M50

Physically tested K 12 Crash version. Tested according to PAS68:2013 and IWA 14-1:2013