Crash Rated Boom Barrier


Hydraulics' Drive Mechanisms with internal locking feature circuit controller for Auto off in fully raised & lowered position with limit switches and manual operation in case of power failure.

PCB Electronic to automatically switch off motor in case of fault.


  • Remote & Receiver
  • Photocell
  • Buzzer
  • Flashing Light

Blocking height 125 mm x 75 mm
Blocking dimensions Shallow mounted
Opening /Closing time 5-8 sec
Steel Structure Complied : K4, K8 & K12
Corrosion Protection Galvanized
Ingress Protection IP 54
Duty Cycle 100%
Operating temperature -15 + 55 deg C
Operating Humidity 98%
Power Consumption 1300 W
Power Supply 3 Phase , 400-440 V ,AC 50-60 Hz
Absorbed Current 3-5 A