J200 Automatic Retractable traffic bollard


The Automatic retractable traffic bollard FAAC J200HA is particularly suitable to regulate vehicle traffic in residential areas, ensuring an intelligent control, while maintaining the aesthetic appearance.

The Fixed traffic bollard FAAC J200 does not require invasive installation work, nor electrical wiring. It is therefore ideal for permanent installations to define residential pedestrian areas, or for mixed installations which also feature other automatic or semi-automatic bollards.

  • Easy to transport, store and install, thanks to the self-supporting structure - pit not required - and to the limited weight of the product
  • A streamlined product, configurable by selecting the desired installation accessories
  • Simplified maintenance (possible with just one person)
  • Fast and silent movement

Drive Hydraulic Actuator
Cylinder stroke 600 mm
Cylinder diameter 200 mm
Cylinder material standard version Steel Fe 360 (6 mm thickness)
Rise time About 7 sec
Descent time About 7 sec
Hydraulic pump power supply 230 Vac +6% - 10%; 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 230 W
Protection rating IP 56
Recommended Use Use in Residential areas
Standard refracting strip Height 25 mm
Total weight 90 kg
Operating temperature -15 °C / +55 °C
Operating temperature with heater (opt.) -25 °C / +55 °C
Dimensions 400x500x800 mm
Maximum length 50 m